Site Management

Site Management

Why adopt an ongoing site management approach

A site management approach can be used to prevent exposure to contamination where it is not possible/desirable or viable to remediate a site to a standard suitable for all land uses; or where restrictions on site use may not provide adequate control of site use over the long term.

How Enpoint approach site management

A site-specific Site Management Plan (SMP) can be developed to outline how the site is to be managed to ensure the risks from contamination remain at an acceptable level. The SMP outlines management measures required to mitigate risks from contamination which may include:

  • prohibiting access to areas of the site;
  • use of a site; and/or
  • containing contamination in such a way that protects receptors from exposure.

In contracting Enpoint we will work with you to identify which exposure pathways can be managed without remediation under the current or proposed site use.

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